Going to be a father!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I am going to be a father!

Hey cool, my very first blog entry.

Was wondering what to write and hell, might as well write what is keepong me smiling these days. I am going to have a baby in <3mths.....really excited. After a few years of bouncing about with wife in Amsterdam, finally settled back home in Singapore and the timing cannot be better.

Guess age is catching up and have this deep desire to hold my own baby, sing to him (or her), play with him (or her), bring him (..) to the zoo, Sentosa, beaches in Malaysia and teaching him (..) how to play tennis, football, swimming, reading to him (..) etc

I guess to a certain extent having our own boy (..) will make us more complete and happy? Some beg to differs but for me, definetly am convince I am ready to be a father.

Now in midst of figuring what trolleys to buy - Aprica, McClaren, Graco, Prego - did not realise how complicated they can be. Also not getting very good advise at shops. Sales people only could tell me thing like - ok for newborn, nice design, big wheels, washable. Was hoping to hear more about safety features, the dos, don'ts. Anyway having friends who had babies help a lot, still searching......